« Corsa da Natal 2017 - 2017

The on-line registration are nos open yet or already closed.Please read the information on this page and visit the organizer's website for more information.


Donne AttiveWoman18 to 3986 Km10.00 CHF
Donne W35Woman35 to 4466 Km10.00 CHF
Donne W45Woman45 to 10046 Km10.00 CHF
Famiglie/GruppiMan/Woman2 to 10041.5 Km30.00 CHF
Popolari MMan18 to 10043 Km10.00 CHF
Popolari WWoman18 to 10013 Km10.00 CHF
Staffetta U12/14/16 FemmineWoman2 to 10041.5 Km10.00 CHF
Staffetta U12/14/16 MaschiMan2 to 10061.5 Km10.00 CHF
U10MMan2 to 929300 M5.00 CHF
U10WWoman2 to 928300 m5.00 CHF
U12MMan10 to 1151.5 Km5.00 CHF
U12WWoman10 to 11191.5 Km5.00 CHF
U14MMan12 to 1371.5 Km5.00 CHF
U14WWoman12 to 1331.5 Km5.00 CHF
U16MMan14 to 1581.5 Km5.00 CHF
U16WWoman14 to 1551.5 Km5.00 CHF
U18MMan16 to 1723 Km10.00 CHF
U18WWoman16 to 1703 Km10.00 CHF
Uomini AttiviMan2 to 39296 Km10.00 CHF
Uomini M40Man40 to 49236 Km10.00 CHF
Uomini M50Man50 to 10096 Km10.00 CHF

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