« Stralosone - 2018

Type: Running (relay)
Date (vcal): 01.05.18
Place: Losone
Registration: Closed

The on-line registration are nos open yet or already closed.Please read the information on this page and visit the organizer's website for more information.


M20Man20 to 39210 Km15.00 CHF
M40Man40 to 49810 Km15.00 CHF
M50Man50 to 59310 Km15.00 CHF
M60Man60 to 100310 Km15.00 CHF
Popolari MMan16 to 10054 Km8.00 CHF
Popolari WWoman16 to 10024 Km8.00 CHF
U10M-PiccoliMan6 to 91440 m0.00 CHF
U10W-PiccoleWoman6 to 92440 m0.00 CHF
U12MMan10 to 1111.7 Km8.00 CHF
U12WWoman10 to 1131.7 Km8.00 CHF
U16MMan12 to 1502.5 Km8.00 CHF
U16WWoman12 to 1512.5 Km8.00 CHF
U20M-JunioriMan16 to 19310 Km15.00 CHF
U6M-CuccioliMan2 to 51440 m0.00 CHF
U6W-CuccioleWoman2 to 50440 m0.00 CHF
W-AttiveWoman16 to 39310 Km15.00 CHF
W40Woman40 to 49010 Km15.00 CHF
W50Woman50 to 100310 Km15.00 CHF

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