« Giubiasco-Carena - 2019

The on-line registration are nos open yet or already closed.Please read the information on this page and visit the organizer's website for more information.


Chall. Giubiasco-Car./Blenio G. Race/Grono-RossaMan/Woman12 to 1001811.7 Km86.00 CHF
Donne AttiveWoman19 to 491111.7 Km40.00 CHF
Donne CrossWoman14 to 100111.7 Km40.00 CHF
Donne U19Woman14 to 18011.7 Km30.00 CHF
Donne VeteraneWoman50 to 100111.7 Km40.00 CHF
E-bikeMan/Woman14 to 100311.7 Km35.00 CHF
MonocicloMan/Woman14 to 100111.7 Km35.00 CHF
Pedalata PopolareMan/Woman14 to 1002811.7 Km35.00 CHF
TandemMan/Woman14 to 100111.7 Km60.00 CHF
Uomini AttiviMan23 to 494111.7 Km40.00 CHF
Uomini CrossMan20 to 100511.7 Km40.00 CHF
Uomini U19Man14 to 181111.7 Km30.00 CHF
Uomini U23Man19 to 22111.7 Km40.00 CHF
Uomini Veterani 1Man50 to 592611.7 Km40.00 CHF
Uomini Veterani 2Man60 to 100711.7 Km40.00 CHF

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