« Blenio Gold Race - 2019

The on-line registration are nos open yet or already closed.Please read the information on this page and visit the organizer's website for more information.


Chall. Giubiasco-Car./Blenio G. Race/Grono-RossaMan/Woman12 to 1001912.8Km86.00 CHF
DonneWoman23 to 100412.8Km40.00 CHF
Donne E-bikeWoman12 to 100012.8Km30.00 CHF
Donne MTBWoman12 to 100012.8Km40.00 CHF
Donne U23Woman15 to 22012.8Km30.00 CHF
Popolarissima Dongio-LeonticaMan/Woman15 to 10007.1Km40.00 CHF
UominiMan23 to 451712.8Km40.00 CHF
Uomini E-bikeMan12 to 100012.8Km30.00 CHF
Uomini MTBMan12 to 100112.8Km40.00 CHF
Uomini OVER 45Man46 to 1001412.8Km40.00 CHF
Uomini U23Man15 to 22612.8Km30.00 CHF

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