« Giubiasco-Carena - 2020

Type: Road bike
Date (vcal): 23.08.20
Place: Giubiasco
Registration: 01.11.2019 » 22.08.2020

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Donne AttiveWoman14 to 44211.5 Km40.00 CHF
Donne Cross (MTB su strada)Woman14 to 100011.5 Km35.00 CHF
Donne VeteraneWoman45 to 100111.5 Km40.00 CHF
E-bikeMan/Woman14 to 100111.5 Km35.00 CHF
Monociclo (Einrad)Man/Woman14 to 100011.5 Km35.00 CHF
MTB Frongi DonneWoman14 to 100113.1 Km40.00 CHF
MTB Frongi UominiMan14 to 100713.1 Km40.00 CHF
Pedalata PopolareMan/Woman14 to 100311.5 Km35.00 CHF
TandemMan/Woman14 to 100111.5 Km55.00 CHF
Uomini AttiviMan23 to 491711.5 Km40.00 CHF
Uomini Cross (MTB su strada)Man14 to 100211.5 Km35.00 CHF
Uomini U23Man14 to 22111.5 Km40.00 CHF
Uomini Veterani 1Man50 to 59611.5 Km40.00 CHF
Uomini Veterani 2Man60 to 100411.5 Km40.00 CHF

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