« Lema Trail + Generoso Trail Package - 2020

Type: Trail
Date (vcal): 05.04.20
Place: Miglieglia/Mendrisio
Registration: Closed

The on-line registration are nos open yet or already closed.Please read the information on this page and visit the organizer's website for more information.


Donne - pacchetto 2 gareWoman12 to 10027N/C55.00 CHF
Uomini - pacchetto 2 gareMan12 to 10081N/C55.00 CHF

LEMA TRAIL - 05.04.2020

GENEROSO TRAIL - 25.10.2020

Registration for the Lema Trail + Generoso Trail package at the preferential rate of 55.- CHF is open from 20.10.2019 at midday, until 30.11.2019 at midnight.

Athletes who have registered for the package will be transferred to both races (Lema Trail and Generoso Trail) in their respective categories on 01.12.2019.

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