« Corsa da Natal - 2022

Type: Running
Date (vcal): 18.12.22
Place: Ascona
Registration: Closed

The on-line registration are nos open yet or already closed.Please read the information on this page and visit the organizer's website for more information.


Attivi FWoman19 to 100146 Km0.00 CHF
Attivi MMan19 to 100466 Km0.00 CHF
F20Woman20 to 39226 Km15.00 CHF
F40Woman40 to 49116 Km15.00 CHF
F50Woman50 to 100156 Km15.00 CHF
Famiglie/GruppiMan/Woman2 to 100111.5 Km30.00 CHF
FU20Woman18 to 1916 Km15.00 CHF
M20Man20 to 39386 Km15.00 CHF
M40Man40 to 49276 Km15.00 CHF
M50Man50 to 59186 Km15.00 CHF
M60Man60 to 100116 Km15.00 CHF
MU20Man18 to 1916 Km15.00 CHF
Popolari FWoman5 to 100213 Km15.00 CHF
Popolari MMan5 to 10093 Km15.00 CHF
Staffetta U12/14/16 FemmineWoman2 to 1631.5 Km15.00 CHF
Staffetta U12/14/16 MaschiMan2 to 1521.5 Km15.00 CHF
U10FWoman2 to 932300 m10.00 CHF
U10MMan2 to 920300 m10.00 CHF
U12FWoman10 to 11131.5 Km10.00 CHF
U12MMan10 to 11131.5 Km10.00 CHF
U14FWoman12 to 13181.5 Km10.00 CHF
U14MMan12 to 13171.5 Km10.00 CHF
U16FWoman14 to 1571.5 Km10.00 CHF
U16MMan14 to 1561.5 Km10.00 CHF
U18FWoman16 to 1733 Km10.00 CHF
U18MMan16 to 1733 Km10.00 CHF

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