Cancellation Insurance Performance Timing

Athletes can subscribe a cancellation insurance at the moment of registration. No other costs apart the registration fee are refounded by the insurance (examples of non covered fees are Hotels, rentals etc. Non exhaustive list)

1. Insurance costs

Value of the enrollment

Insurance costs

10.- > 49.- CHF

5 to 10.- CHF

50.- > 200.- CHF

10 to 15.- CHF

> 200.- CHF

15 to 25.- CHF

2. Coverage

Cancellation insurance provides refund of registration fees in the following cases:

  • Accident, serious illness or death of the athlete.
  • Accident, serious illness requiring hospitalization or death of a spouse or close relatives (first degree), occurred not earlier than 30 days before the event.

3. Refund Conditions

  • In case of accident or illness, it is imperative to provide a valid medical certificate. The causes of cancellation must be completed by a certificate issued by the competent authority.
  • Applications are processed within 2 months after the event.
  • Medical examination which gives rise to a request for cancellation must be made no later one day before the event.

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