Cancellation Insurance Performance Timing

Athletes can subscribe a cancellation insurance at the moment of registration.

1. Insurance costs

Value of the enrollment

Insurance costs

10.- > 49.- CHF

5 to 10.- CHF

50.- > 200.- CHF

10 to 15.- CHF

> 200.- CHF

15 to 25.- CHF

The actual cost of the insurance is shown when you choose to purchase the insurance and in the shopping cart at checkout.

2. Coverage

Cancellation insurance allows for the reimbursement of registration fees only (no other expenses are reimbursed: hotels, travel, rentals etc., list not exhaustive) in the following cases:

  • Accident, serious illness or death of the athlete.
  • Accident, serious illness requiring hospitalization or death of a spouse or close relatives (first degree), occurred not earlier than 30 days before the event.

3. Refund Conditions

  • All requests must be received by the day of the event for which the request is made, accompanied by a valid certificate.
  • Applications received after the date of the event will not be eligible for a refund of the registration fee.
  • Applications are processed within 2 months of the event.
  • The medical examination which gives rise to a cancellation request must be made at the latest the day before the event.

4. Exclusions

Claims outside the scope of the claims set out in paragraph 2 will not be processed and in any case for the following reasons

  • Pandemics or epidemics leading the organisers or the authorities to cancel the event.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Wars and acts of terrorism.

In addition, services purchased at the time of online registration are excluded from refund:

  • This cancellation insurance.
  • Paid products and services sold by the organiser and its partners for which Performance Sport has already transferred the balance to the organiser.


If you have purchased cancellation insurance during registration, your request for reimbursement must be sent with the complete documents to

Performance Sport Switzerland SAGL

Via Alberto Franzoni 73

6600 Locarno



Performance Sport Switzerland SAGL does not respond to incomplete applications or if there is no cancellation insurance.

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