Enrolling other athletes

Each athlete must have a profile to make race enrolments. You can create as many correlated-profiles as you like from your own account to enroll other athletes.

Please look to following steps.

  2. If you have registered athletes/friends in the past, they will appear in a list; click on "Register this athlete" (3) and follow the same steps as for your own registration, i.e.: choice of race (4), category and additional information if necessary (e.g. t-shirt size, insurance, etc.) and continue until payment (5).
  3. If the athlete is not in your list, click on "Add a new athlete" (2).
  4. The system proposes you to search for the athlete in the database of existing profiles, write the Name, first name or PERFID of the person you are looking for and click on "search" (6)
  5. If the athlete already exists you can select him/her, he/she will be added to your athletes/friends and you will be able to register him/her as indicated in point 2 above. If the athlete does not exist click on "...., insert information manually" (7), create the profile of your friend/athlete and go back to point 2.







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